Crowning: Mary Giving Birth to Christ

My Study for Crowning

When I set out to paint The Crowning of Mary giving birth to Jesus, I wondered if it had ever been painted before. My research turned up nothing. So I committed to painting my own image. The below images are the closest I could find: Judy Chicago's "Crowning" a tapestry of a goddess giving birth to a star. Frida Kahlo's "My Birth" references Mary's sad birth in an icon above Kahlo's mother's bed. An ancient Turkish figurine exhibiting a goddess giving birth while seated. A Russian icon describing Saint Elizabeth's water breaking while giving birth to John the Baptist; her attendents gather this sacred water.

Judy Chicago's
The Crowning

Frida Kahlo's
My Birth

Ancient Turkish
Goddess Giving Birth

Early Christian Russian Icon
Birth of St. John The Baptist